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Using autonomous devices, Land Maverick is focused on disrupting the traditional management of golf courses and other large tracts of land.

Land Maverick provides autonomous robots, MAVs, that collect hundreds of data points on temperature, moisture, and pH of the soil to help golf courses better make decisions about applying fungicide and other chemicals to soil.

MAVs are programmed to periodically test soil conditions at non-play times. They are fully automated – they collect samples at the proper soil depth, require no labor, and are cloud-connected.

MAVs send data to our app, NutriData, for analytics and groundskeepers get daily reports and soil treatment plans that save on consumables



We are the only solution that has no labor requirements and can operate autonomously at night.


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Our device will collect 200-300 data points per hole in a few minutes. A standard 18-hole course takes 4 hours to complete


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We take care of all maintenance and breakage on the robotic systems when they are deployed on the courses.





We’ll get a course up and running in 2 days, including the user training.





Our robots, MAVs, contain GPS, anti-theft systems, and human-avoidance systems in order to assure the safety of golfers and the robot.



With us, you can…



Improve course maintenance


Decrease costs



enable treatment planning


Reduce environmental impact



improve playing surfaces


reduce water and fungicide use






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