Will this damage my grass?

Nope, we have built our system to be grass safe and non marking. The light weight robots use golf cart tires to travel around and apply less than 3 PSI of pressure.

How does this save my course money?

Land Maverick saves money by reducing the amount of labor needed to take soil measurements and because there is more detailed data gathered, there’s no more guessing if a chemical should be applied.

How many more data points does this take?

Land Maverick systems take 20X more data points than are typically collected by hand.

How fast does the system sample the course?

A 150 acre course can be sampled in 4 hours. The greens and tees can be sampled in 45 minutes.

What happens if the system breaks?

If there are any issues with your Land Maverick system, please call us and we will come fix your system.