Service Questions

How does this save my course money?

Land Maverick saves money by reducing the amount of labor needed to take soil measurements and because there is more detailed data gathered, there’s no more guessing if a chemical should be applied.

Why is this better than what I do right now?

Please contact us and we will be able to tell you exactly how much more you can save compared to your current methods. We collect 20X more data than when data is collected using hand probes. This allows superintendents to see the granular difference between the soil on the top of the hill, the bottom of the hill, in the shade, and in the sun.

Data is available on our app. You can select when you receive notifications about new data being available to look at. Every day you can select what areas of the course you want sampled, the sample spacing, and what measurements you want taken.

Our system can sample the the entire course once every 24 hours. This allows you to be able to get a highly detailed picture of your course every day. A 150 acre course can be sampled in 4 hours. The greens and tees can be sampled in 45 minutes.

Will this interrupt play?

Nope, Land Maverick is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible. Robots run outside of normal play time.

We have asked golfers if they are bothered by our robots. The overwhelming percentage of golfers are not bothered by our robots. But over 90% of golfers would try to hit a flying drone with a golf ball and would be highly irritated by the flying drone.

How quickly do I see a return?

Data on your course is available within 24 hours of the course set up being finished. Based on how water and chemicals are applied to your course, you can see cost savings as soon as the first day after course set up is finished.

How does purchasing work?

If you want to purchase a system, please contact us and we will send a representative out to your course. This representative will be able to access how many systems you need, what your courses monthly billing will be, and be able access how quickly the robots can sample the course.

Robots are available through a yearly subscription model. Once your course signs the contract, a set up date will be selected and the robots will be professionally installed on your course. A technician will set up all of the app accounts for your course.

How is customer service?

We strive for exceptional customer service. By remotely monitoring all of the robots, we can know when something is wrong often before the course knows something is wrong. Our trained technicians will be deployed to your course to solve any robot related issues that arise.

If there is an app related question or data, our phone technicians are able to answer questions over the phone. We strive to quickly solve all problems that our clients have.

Technical Questions

Can robots get lost, stolen, or get stuck on my course?

Robots are programmed so they can only be in their specific region of the course. They are programmed to stay inside the bounds of the course. We remote monitor every robot so that if there is a glitch and it tries to exit the course, we will know.

Robots are equipped with anti-theft technology. Our technology allows robots to decide when someone is attempting to steal and are able to alert us. We will then be able to recover the robot.

With our remote monitoring system, we are able to track where the robots are and for how long they are in a position. This means we will know with in 15 minutes if the robot is stuck. We then can dispatch a technician to fix the stuck robot.

Do I own these robots?

Robots are available on a year long subscription package. Dedicated robots for you course will be set up on your course. We will take care of any maintenance issues that arise with the robots. Technical support for the app is always a phone call or email away.

What happens if the system breaks?

All of our robots are remote monitored for any issues. We are able to actively tell if a robot has an issue and if possible, correct the issue remotely. If required, we will call you to have you help your robotic system or we will send a technician out to fix the robotic system. We strive for impressive customer service.

Our remote monitoring tracks everything from battery status to motor status to sensor status so we know exactly how healthy each robot is. If a part on the robot falls below our strict quality standards, we will replace it for you. All robot repairs are done in a way that minimizes impact to your schedule.

Our robots are designed with anti-tip technology. This will keep them from flipping over and becoming stuck in a variety of locations. The anti-tip technology and active obstacle avoidance technology keeps our robots from becoming stuck on the course.

If there are any issues with your Land Maverick system, please call us and we will come fix your system.

Will this damage my grass?

Nope, we have built our system to be grass safe and non marking. The light weight robots use golf cart tires to travel around and apply less than 3 PSI of pressure.

We designed our system to be safe driving on all types of grass and all heights of grass. Special technology has been developed to keep our robots from marking the grass.

Our robots are able to navigate around bunkers, water hazards, bridges, trees, flower beds, buildings, and other obstacles. Our robots also have active avoidance technology to avoid humans and animals on the course. Safety is our ultimate goal with our designs.